Movin On 300

Outside Lifts


AL 003 - Tilt n Tote Wheelchair Carrier

Harmar's AL003 Tilt N' Tote is a lightweight, yet capable wheelchair carrier.

This lift has an innovative tilting joint to make rolling the wheelchair on and off quick and easy. It also features an adjustable hold down arm that keeps the wheelchair nice and secure. Its compact size and efficient design allows this lift to fold down for tail/lift gate access and to fold up when not in use.

  • Carries manual wheelchairs
  • Tilting joint for roll on ease
  • Unique, adjustable hold down arm
  • Folds down to allow access to tail and lift gate
  • No wheelchair modifications necessary
  • Folds up when not in use


AL 050 - Micro Power Chair Lift

This lightweight lift safely and securely transports a micro or travel power chair and is compatible with Class I or larger trailer hitches.

Weighing only 70 pounds with a 135 pound lifting capacity, the AL050 Micro Lift offers a simple, economical solution for transporting today’s smaller power chairs.

  • Carries virtually all travel and micro power chairs
  • 4 secure tie downs
  • No power chair modifications
  • Power lift and manual fold
  • Manual crank backup and license plate mount included
  • Swing-Away option available
  • Made in the USA


AL 100 Universal Scooter Lift

The AL100 Universal Scooter Lift is the most popular outside scooter lift today.

The unique hold-down arm automatically secures virtually any scooter without any necessary scooter modifications. This fully automatic lift offers simple, nearly effortless operation and a hefty 350-pound lifting capacity.

  • Carries virtually all scooters
  • Automatic hold down arm
  • No scooter modifications
  • Accommodates scooters with a wheelbase of up to 42”
  • Manual crank backup and license plate mount included
  • Swing-away option available




AL 105 Swing Away

Our Outside Lifts are designed to use the optional "Swing Away" attachment which gives owners of hatchbacks, mininans, and SUVs convenient and easier access to their trunks and back storage areas by swinging the unloaded lift to the side.

A secure latch assembly makes the Swing Away Option easy to use 



AL 300 Fusion Lift

The AL300 Fusion Lift offers the convenience and versatility of being able to carry both power chairs and scooters with one lift.

Compatible with virtually all scooters and power chairs, this lift uses four, easy-to-operate, Q’Straint retractors to safely secure your mobility device. When empty, the platform automatically folds up and out of the way with the flip of a single switch.

  • Carries virtually all scooters AND power chairs
  • 4 - Self-tensioning Q’Straint retractors
  • No scooter or power chair modifications
  • Manual crank backup and license plate mount included
  • Swing-Away option available
  • Made in the USA


AL 301XL Fusion Lift

Harmar's AL301XL is a one of a kind, Harmar exclusive.

 The unique design of this lift allows it to carry today’s largest power chairs and scooters. With its extra large deck and optional adjustable cradles, this lift is by far the biggest and most capable outside lift on the market.

 This Fusion lift is the perfect solution to safely and securely transport your larger mobility device.

  • Carries larger scooters AND power chairs
  • 4 - Self-tensioning, Q’Straint retractors
  • No scooter or chair modifications
  • Extra large 36” x 39” aluminum deck, adjustable cradles extend up to 53” (Optional, no charge item)
  • Manual crank backup and license plate mount included
  • Swing-Away option available
  • Made in the USA



AL 500 Universal Power Chair Lift

The AL500 Universal Power Chair Lift is the most popular outside platform lift of it's kind in the nation. 




Pride Silver Star Backpacker MV Interior Lift

Now you can take your mobility on the road easily in your Sport Utility Vehicle with the Backpacker MV from Pride Silver Star Lifts and Ramps. It’s the ultimate solution to lifting your powered mobility device into your vehicle, engineered specifically to be a perfect fit for a wide variety of popular vehicles including SUVs. Like all Silver Star Lifts from Pride, the Backpacker MV features all-steel construction and a protective finish, along with an industrial rated 12 volt motor and battery pack, and easy-to-use controls to combine rugged durability with safe, simple and reliable operation.




Pride Silver Star Outlander Exterior Lift

Pride® Silver Star®'s Outlander Exterior Lift was designed to provide a durable, easy-to-use system to take your scooter with you. Simple hitched-based installation requires little to no modification to your vehicle and allows for easy removal.